Math Mural at Kindergarten Academy

We had such a great time working with The Kindergarten Academy at Filbert Street in collaboration with Jump Street, an Arts in Education Partner, to help our kindergarten students understand both concrete and abstract kindergarten math curriculum concepts through the use of visual art. The mural was painted primarily by the kindergarten students. 


Here's a video of the project created by kindergarten teacher Mrs. Lutz.

Green Urban Initiative / Garden Expo Mural

We were happy to work with Green Urban Initiative to create an interactive mural backdrop for the 2015 Home and Garden Expo. This patterned mural was painted with the help of people from all backgrounds across the three days of the expo. 

Barak / Neighborhood Center Mural

Working with the children from the neighborhood center was such a delight! Thank you to Barak Inc. for sponsoring this wonderful project. This mural is located on the side of 3rd Street Studio, 1725 N. Third Street, Harrisburg.