the Midtown Cinema Mural

Final concept!

Final concept!

Inspired by the growth of Midtown and its local flora, the mural features stylized flowering trees and a sun that rises and sets in the background signifying the transition point that is this neighborhood - one that goes from commercial to residential. At its core this is Harrisburg.

The design was fueled by the resurrection of a once lost font composed of combinations of four basic shapes. The font originally designed by America Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) Medalist Alvin Lustig (1915-1955) was brought back to life by Lancaster-based designer Craig Welsh who worked with Lustig's window, Elaine Lustig Cohen. A movie documenting the process of the font creation is forthcoming. Of the designs presented this received the most votes from local residents. Learn more about the movie and font.

Mural designed by Jeff Copus, painted by Jacintha Clark and Sharnee Burnett.

All donations are tax deductible through our fiscal agent, Jump Street Inc.