Neighborhood Center Mural

Portrait of Toni Truesdale. Photograph by Maia Truesdale-Scott 2014 for Truesdale Art

Portrait of Toni Truesdale.
Photograph by Maia Truesdale-Scott 2014
for Truesdale Art

Mural Location:


Name of Lead Artist:
Toni Truesdale

Official Name of Mural:
Neighborhood Center Mural

Location of Mural:
The west-facing wall of 610 Maclay Street, Harrisburg.

Year Mural was created:

Who worked with you on it?
Dori Corbin, Stephon Ross, Lois Coleman Glass, Vicki Chiarelli, Michael Matthews, Patrice Chisolm, Richard Workman, Gary Miller, David Walker.

1. Is mural-making your primary creative venture?
It would be difficult to support myself with just mural projects. However my paintings continue to often be quite large; it is the format I am most comfortable with. Like most artists these days I diversify to have enough income to live on, i.e. illustration, commissions, reproductions and a card line.

2. Tell us about designing this piece.
It was a collaborative research and design project. I was lead artist and mentored the youth. We also gave consistent feedback to a sponsoring agency. This was a socially responsible mural project.

3. What story is this mural telling?
The history of the Underground Railroad in central Pa.

4. What is achieved by this piece taking the form of a mural specifically?
A very visible three story building that celebrates an important part of the history of Pa.

5. What's your favorite city to see murals?
San Francisco

6. What art-making tool do you use the most often?
I use a lot of different media, but use soft pencils daily to work out ideas.

7. Who is your favorite contemporary artist or collective?
I find a lot of modern and post-modernist "fine art" boring and self-serving but there are many historic artists I admire like Kathe Kollowitz, Diego Rivera, Allan Houser, Charles White and others. In addition, I have studied the arts of many world and indigenous cultures.

8. Describe your favorite scenario for planning a mural.
A well funded project that gives time to research, plan and have community involvement.

9. What project are you working on now?
I'm working on a project for Boston,UK. This is a church that was founded my a Truesdale ancestor in 1308. Also a series of children's books that support healthy behavior, painting a series of waterways and migrations.