2019 Festival Artists & Locations

All 14 of our 2019 Mural Fest locations have been announced!

Check out the locations and artists below, or use our handy, dandy downloadable map to see all of the locations of this year’s projects, as well as prior Sprocket murals.



kate Stewart

Kate Stewart received an MFA from University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Dickinson College. She lives and works in Lebanon, PA and West Chester, PA where she is an Associate Professor of Art at West Chester University. Stewart’s selected solo exhibitions include Vox Populi Gallery, P.S. 122, Seraphin Gallery, Moore College of Art, West Chester University, Drexel University, Gettysburg College and Ejecta Projects. Selected group exhibitions include TATE Modern, Plug Projects, Arlington Arts Center, Towson University, Pageant Soloveev Gallery and the ICA in Philadelphia. Mural commissions include Arlington VA Courthouse Commons and Dickinson College. She has received various grants to fund her creative work, and was awarded the Wind Challenge Exhibition in 2005 and the Meyer Family Award in 2015. Stewart has attended residencies at Vermont Studio Center, 40th Street A.I.R. in Philadelphia, and was recently chosen to participate in the Sam and Adele Golden Foundation Artist Residency.

With the help of neighbors and members of the community, Kate will be painting 1516 Derry Street.


Jeremy Nichols

Jeremy Nichols was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1982. He is studio and mural artist hailing from Portland, OR. His work tends to focus on the energy, movement, balance, and harmony of the chaos around us. From urban growth and development, to the forward push to preserve the nature around us. He tries to visually show a juxtaposition of these opposing forces by layering elements of graphic design and nature, in order to create an environment that seems familiar, yet unfamiliar. As he wants the viewer to take their own visual journey through the details, and question/appreciate the environment that surrounds them.

Our only indoor mural for this festival, Jeremy will be painting inside the Strawberry Square Arcade (over 3rd street between the Hilton and Strawberry Square). Another huge THANK YOU to to sponsor Harristown for bring such a supporter of Sprocket’s mission!

Head Start.jpg

Jacintha Clark

Jacintha Clark is a multi-disciplinary creative who integrates mural art, fine art, and the decorative art worlds into her work with consideration and balance. She has over 19 years of experience painting murals (both public and private commissions), as well as expertise in scenic painting and backdrops for esteemed theaters across the country. Jacintha’s more recent murals center around the natural beauty of flowers because they are universally enjoyed and carry a multitude of historic and cultural meanings. “My intention is for these flowers to condense moments, reconcile polarities, uplift hearts and inspire joy. Murals are owned by the public which allows me to present a flower to each city as a gesture of appreciation, emblem of possibilities and power to the community. I research and select flowers that are either local or have a special meaning for the space.”

Jacintha’s contribution to the festival will be a multi-panel installation going up on the Capital Area Head Start building at 1300 Market Street.


Nick Napoletano

Nick Napoletano is a painter, muralist, and designer known for hyperrealist works brimming with allegory and symbolism. The rich color and idealized figures in his compositions are stylistically in line with Mannerism and High Renaissance. After earning his BFA at the University of Hartford, Napoletano studied under renowned egg tempera painter Fred Wessel, an experience that refined his modern take on allegorical realism. He uses the human figure as “a vehicle to explore and document various facets of the human condition as they relate to both the individual and the universal whole." Community growth and dialogue are a main component of Napoletano’s agenda; his installations are meant to function as a mirror, identifying a truth about the community, while paving the way for positive change.

Nick will be painting the side of Good Taste Chinese, at 1015 N 3rd St.



Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez is an international street artist who works at the intersection of graffiti, vinyl toys, contemporary art, fashion and design. With paintings, murals, drawings, mix-media pieces and commissions for major brands, his robust pallette blends elements of street and pop culture with Mexican and indigenous aesthetics—a signature look the artist has coined “Neo Indigenous.” Marka27’s work has become part of graffiti and street art history, but he has flourished as a product designer, gallery artist, toy designer and more. Marka27 has emerged as one of the most sought after muralists in the world, mastering his craft since before “street art” was even a term.

Marka27’s dazzling colors and artwork will be brightening the back of the International House, 314 Chestnut St. Thank you to sponsor Harristown for helping us bring this incredible talent to the Burg!


Anat Ronen

Anat Ronen, a native of Israel, is a Houston based self-taught artist. She initiated her professional art career in late 2008 when the desire to stay in the US and make a living left her with no other choice. Anat had no idea where that would take her, and looking back, the journey was and still is unbelievable even to her. Anat didn’t know she had it in her, and now every project takes her to new territories, testing her abilities and challenges her with new perspectives. Anat’s love story with street painting started in 2009 when she stumbled upon an opportunity to be an artist for Via Colori – a street painting festival held in Houston. Since then she participated in dozens of festivals in the US and around the world, spreading the love of ephemeral art and street painting.

263 Oliver Alley, the location for Anat’s mural, is across from the State Museum building between 3rd & Susquehanna.


Emmeline Zhu & Jovana Sarver

Emmeline Zhu and Jovana Sarver are local artists who will be collaborating on a mural on the Midtown Army & Navy Store (1316 N 3rd Street).

Emmeline Zhu is a visual artist, first-time muralist, and proud resident of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. She spends a lot of time quietly looking at small things, particularly in nature. Working predominantly from observation, Emmeline hopes to magnify the strangeness and beauty of this intricate world in the things she makes. She aspires to be a natural science illustrator.

Jovana Sarver is a classically trained visual artist hailing from a small farm in Central PA. She explored drawing, painting, and narrative making from a young age. She furthered her education at an arts magnet high school in Harrisburg, PA and went on to graduate from Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia. While in Philadelphia, she expanded her skill set to include textiles, sculpture and performance. After 10 years, she has returned to Harrisburg, excited to participate in the community here. She currently utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to art, choosing and combining media to uniquely investigate a concept.



JUURI is a Tokyo-born muralist and artist currently working from Oklahoma City. Her work is driven by the themes of war and peace, cultural identity, and fashion/graphic elements. By layering beautiful faces with flora and paradoxical themes, JUURI achieves an instantly recognizable and spellbinding aesthetic. Her murals can be seen in Oklahoma City area; Newark, NJ; Orlando, FL; Lynn, MA; Houston, TX; Virginia Beach, VA; and overseas in Israel.

The mural trail along 3rd Street will be even more robust with JUURI’s mural at 1005 N. 3rd St.


Brandon Spicer-Crawley

A versatile and improvisational artist, Brandon Spicer-Crawley works with a wide range of material, including wood collage, ceramic, calligraphy ink, paper sculpture, and acrylic paint pen. His style is both free-form and carefully crafted, with recurring motifs of letters, police officers, and squiggly lines. Creating dynamic compositions of abstract shape and figurative forms, Spicer-Crawley develops an electric series of marks emanating outward, creating vibrating, dynamic spaces.
Spicer-Crawley has worked in the studio at CCW since its start in 2011. He lives with his family in Jeffersonville, PA.

Brandon will be creating a mural on the side of the Stokes Millworks building at 4th & Sayford.

Screenshot 2019-08-07 23.15.57.png


Known for his paint splashed style of large scale street art, ARCY has been defining his skills for over a decade. In 2015, ARCY announced his inaugural North American live event mural tour, where he took his skills on the road, spray painting 8′ x 12′ live event walls in front of thousands of onlookers in many of the largest cities across the nation. Since then, ARCY has created hundreds of live murals and permanent large scale works throughout North America, Australia, and Europe. ARCY has worked for the likes of The Smithsonian Institute, Major League Baseball, America’s National Parks Service, and is currently developing a collaborative body of work for The Walt Disney Company as a Disney Fine Artist.

We’re super psyched that Ryan will be painting an exterior wall at ClubXL, 801 S. 10th Street.



Nathaniel is a nationally known artist and muralist. Born in Southern California, now Nathaniel flourishes in the Pacific Northwest West, specifically Washington State. Not knowing the strength of his art and voice, part of his evolution was feeling like an endangered species as he sought out space that would not constrict him or his art. The ability to sense fragility in the world while he wielded his artistic nature evolved in his portfolio as a focus on creating change and awareness of endangered species. Inspired by the connection between the earth, animals, and humans, Nathaniel’s installations honor each subject and bring forth the beauty of our world and the universe. His mission is to create awareness and reduce the genocide, for each endangered species as well as heal humanity with each piece of art. He continually evolves as an artist to bring a healthier, more connected world for us, our children, and generations to come.

The Capital Area Greenbelt in Paxtang is where Nathaniel will be creating his nature-focused masterpiece. This mural is sponsored by LCSWMA, who were also mural sponsors for the first HBG mural festive. We ♥ you, LCSWMA!


Arthur Haywood

Arthur Haywood's work celebrates achievements and aspirations of diverse people. He has worked on numerous murals with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program since 2015. Most recently including sites at the Lucien Blackwell Library, Target, Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Einstein Hospital and more. He also illustrated and wrote a book, "The Great Library", about scholars from the ancient library of Alexandria. He continues to share his positive outlook through murals and illustrations.

Arthur will be creating a new mural on the side of Capital Joe’s Coffee, 416 Forster Street.


Ryan Spahr

Ryan is an accomplished Harrisburg resident and artist working in a variety of media, including marker, pen and ink, oil, pastel, photography, and tattoo. His work exhibits bold, expressive mark-making, exploration, and experimentation. You might recognize some of Ryan’s work on a can of Zeroday Brewing beer, a bag of coffee at Elementary Coffee or on the cover of TheBurg. Check out Ryan’s work.

The corner of 3rd & Cumberland will feature Ryan’s very first mural; he’ll be painting the wall of the Fine Wine & Good Spirits at 1200 N 3rd Street.


Emily Ding

Emily Ding is a muralist who draws inspiration from flora, fauna, and human temperament. Her large-scale work is characterized by expressive animals and figures, which come to life through bold color gradients and a fluid, painterly style. Resonating deeply with the phenomena of the natural world, she aims to communicate emotions and experiences, through storytelling with wild creatures and people. Check out Emily’s work.

Emily will be painting the wall of the Old Town Deli at 512 N 3rd Street. This mural is sponsored by The Nature Conservancy and Tröegs Brewing - thanks, guys!