10 murals in 10 days.
September 1-10, 2017

Sprocket Mural Works’ Inaugural Harrisburg Mural Festival is two weeks of focused city beautification through the creation of 10 murals in the fall of 2017. In addition to the painting of murals the festival will start with a kickoff event, feature artists talks and meet and greets, and end with one kickass party. 



One mural is good. 10 murals are great.

We have seen the impact that one mural can make on a community and we know that more murals will have a greater impact.

Up until this point, Sprocket has coordinated projects on an individual basis. A mural festival allows Sprocket to maximize our efforts and achieve more with less. We can maximize our donation and sponsorship dollars by purchasing supplies and renting equipment in bulk. We can achieve a level of exposure with a mural festival that we could never reach with a single mural – leading to greater visibility for Sprocket, our artists and our sponsors. And with the mix of artists, participants and volunteers that will be engaged in the mural festival, we will be encouraging the creative spirit of our community on our grandest scale yet.

Help from our community is crucial in making Harrisburg Mural Festival a success.

Financial sponsorship opportunities are available starting at $1,000. We are also looking for in-kind sponsors, who are interested in donating goods or services to support the festival, rather than financial support. In exchange, sponsors will receive benefits such as recognition for your support on festival materials, printed promotions, and invitations to exclusive VIP events during the festival. (Here's our Wish List of items we will need.) If you are interested in lending support to Harrisburg Mural Festival through a sponsorship, please get in touch by emailing us at hello@sprocketmuralworks.com.

Thank you to our sponsors and partners!